Dungeons of Danrya

Built by the Grand Architect Danrya in an age long gone, the Dungeons of Danrya are perfect storms for activating the dormant mana inside living creatures. Are they dangerous? Yes. Is there a chance you might not make it back out alive? Yes.
Is magic really worth the risk? Yes.

The Dungeons of Danrya. Five megalithic structures scattered about the world, and in some cases under it, all built by the same archmage, the Grand Architect Danrya, in an age long dead and buried. The Dungeons are home to fantastic monsters, clever traps, and, most importantly, magic.

Not every place has magic. Not every one has magic. And the only way to tell if you do is to take a chance and enter one of the Dungeons. If you make it out, you’ll have a mage mark. If you have magic. There’s no guarantee.

Rin has just turned 12. And for the son of a military mage, that means he’s about to undergo a Questing. Which means venturing into one of the five Dungeons of Danrya in the hopes that he has a spark of magic that can be awoken.

Honestly, Rin’s just hoping to make it back out alive.

And so the adventure begins…

cover for Arc 1: The Questing

This is a NaNoWriMo project…or collection of projects. This is an exercise in world-building and, hopefully, dialogue. This will follow the life of one mage. And maybe jump to some interesting bits with multiple characters. We’ll see.

This will be a story with danger and intrigue. Particularly danger. Lots of danger. The main character is 12 years old and gets thrown into a dungeon death trap. Consider yourself warned. That being said, this is also a slice-of-life story. Enjoy!