The Writer

Hey there! I’m AJ Pheloff. I’m a mathematician that enjoys physics & fantasy and occasionally writes. My partner & I have of two cats.

I seriously couldn’t have written this without critique partners and writing groups. Thanks Axolotls and Red Pens. You’re beautiful.

The Story

This is a NaNoWriMo project or collection of projects, whichever the case may be. This is an exercise in world-building and, hopefully, dialogue. Probably some combination of slice-of-life and adventure. With some magical school stuff too.

This story will follow one mage, Rin, over the course of his life. Through his Questing and what follows, as he gets used to his new magical powers with a war inching closer by the day. Then it’ll jump to some interesting bits with multiple characters. But for now, it’s Rin’s story.

This will be a story with danger and intrigue. Particularly danger. Lots of danger. The main character is 12 years old and gets thrown into a dungeon death trap. Consider yourself warned.

You can read Dungeons of Danrya here or on Royal Road (AJPheloff).

The Art

Cover by John & Rebecca of the fantastic Ockelwog.
Cover by The_Traveling_Steamer_Trunk on the NaNoWriMo forums
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