Table of Contents

Front Material

Arc 1 – The Questing

A young boy is thrown into an ancient and terrifying dungeon: a huge ziggurat pyramid that could (if he makes it back out alive) give him the gift of magic. But a monster stalks the Pyramid and has begun to hunt once more.

  1. The Pyramid
  2. Into the Dungeon
  3. Fortune’s Offer
  4. Soul’s Acceptance
  5. A Golden Trap
  6. Motley Musings
  7. Hidden History
  8. Escalation
  9. The Bathhouse
  10. Dark Domain
  11. In Plain Sight
  12. What Choice
  13. Is Magic Really Worth This?
  14. Tricks & Treasure
  15. Into the Teeth
  16. Alone in the Dark
  17. Hidden Garden
  18. A Spark of Perspective
  19. Escape
  20. Exit
  21. Epilogue